Begin with a large, empty Easter basket. Each day, something is added to the basket to remind us of Jesus and the events of Holy Week.

Palm Sunday.

Theme: Jesus Is King


Basket:  Palm leaves (can be made from construction paper)


Scripture: Matthew 21:1-9


Discuss:  Jesus as King of the universe; king of my heart.


Theme: Showing love to Jesus


Basket:  Bottle of perfume (spray some in the room, too)


Scripture: Mark 14:3-9


Discuss:  How can I show Jesus my Love?


Theme: Servanthood


Basket:  Small bowl, washcloth and towel


Scripture: John 13:1-17


Discuss:  How can I follow Jesus' example? How can I serve Him and others?


Theme: Betrayal


Basket:  Thirty silver coins


Scripture: Matthew 26:3-50


Discuss:  Do I ever betray Jesus? Is there anything that I love more than Him?


Theme: The Last Supper


Basket:  Bread/cracker and wine/glass


Scripture: Luke 22:14-20


Discuss:  What does the Lord's Supper mean to me?


Theme: Jesus' death on the cross


Basket:  Cross, crown of thorns (homemade), large nails/spike, lamb (stuffed or figurine), dice


Scripture: Mark 15:21-39


Discuss:  Why did Jesus have to die such a terrible death? What does it mean to me?


Theme: Waiting for God's promises


Basket:  Drape the basket with purple cloth to symbolize Jesus' burial and time in the tomb


Scripture: Each person reads a promise from God's Word that is meaningful to them


Discuss:  How did the disciples feel after Jesus died? Did they understand God's promise given through Jesus' death? What promises has God given to us that we want to remember? What are some that we have not yet seen fulfilled?

Easter Sunday.

Theme: Jesus, Our Risen Lord


Basket:  Remove the cloth cover and add a king's crown, Easter lilies, picture of butterflies, Easter pictures from cards, church bulletins, etc.


Scripture: Matthew 28:1-10


Discuss:  What does Jesus' resurrection mean to me? How specifically will I live tomorrow differently because He lives?

I originally found this on the website of The Teaching Home magazine, however the URL is no longer active. Attribution for the idea goes to Cheryl Kendall as excerpted from ARK NEWS, Grass Valley, California.

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