A fun snack can make the day for a preschooler.  I must admit, I probably get as much joy from a fun snack as do my children.  There's just something about watching their little faces smile at food that's also fun.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Bread Faces Painted Bread
Butterfly Snack Pretzel Flowers
Fruity Kid-K-Bobs Veggie Cars
Grape Ants More Fun w/ Snacks
Lion Faces  

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Butterfly Snack (makes 3 butterflies, 1 serving)

1/4 section of a graham cracker

peanut butter (or frosting)

6 mini pretzel twists

Break graham cracker section into three roughly-equal pieces. Spread small amount of peanut butter onto each piece.  Place two pretzel twists on each graham cracker section, two curves outward to form butterfly wings. Enjoy! (Note: Can be combined with Pretzel Flowers for more fun.)  Top

Pretzel Flowers (makes 2 flowers, 1 serving)

2 vanilla wafers

peanut butter (or frosting)

8 mini pretzel twists

2 think pretzel sticks

Spread a small amount of peanut butter on top of vanilla wafers. Place four pretzel twists on each wafer, two curves outward to form flower. Use one pretzel twist to make stem of flower.  Enjoy! (Note: Can be combined with Butterfly Snack for more fun.)  Top

Lion Faces (makes 2 lion faces, 1 serving)

2 vanilla wafers

peanut butter (or frosting)

shredded wheat cereal


Spread a small amount of peanut butter on top of vanilla wafers. Break shredded wheat cereal and apply to peanut butter around edges of wafers to make the lion's mane.  Use raisins to make lion's face. Serve & have fun roaring.  Top

Painted Bread (makes 1 serving)

1 slice of bread

food coloring



Place small amount (< 1/4 cup) of milk in two to three small bowls. Add a few drops of different colors of food coloring to each small bowl and mix well. Allow child to "paint" colors on the slice of bread. Toast lightly in oven (toaster oven works best) and watch colors come alive.  Top

Grape Ants (1 serving, 2 "ants") 

8 toothpicks (4 per "ant")

6 grapes 

Slide three grapes onto one toothpick to form ant. Slide one toothpick through middle section of ant to make one set of legs. On an angle, slide two more toothpicks through middle grape to make additional legs. Repeat with remaining grapes & toothpicks. ANTicipate smiles. (Don't forget to supervise w/ the points on the picks!)  Top

Veggie Cars (2 servings, 2 "cars") 

4 toothpicks

2 pieces celery, approx 4" long, w/ "channel"

8 round carrot slices, 3/4-1" diameter 

cheese spread/peanut butter

olives/raisins/carrot pieces, 1" x 1/4" approx.

Slide toothpicks crosswise through one end of the celery. Slide one carrot round on each end of toothpick to make car's wheels. Repeat on other end of car. Fill channel of celery w/ cheese spread or peanut butter. Insert olives, carrot pieces or raisins in spread/pb to make people in car. Repeat for second car. Munch.  Top

Fruity Kid-K-Bobs 

toothpicks or wooden skewers (supervision required)

bite-sized fruit pieces:


  bananas, sliced

  melon chunks

  fresh apple, pear, peach, nectarine chunks

  pineapple chunks

mini marshmallows (optional)

Slide fruit/marshmallows onto picks/skewers. Serve.  Top

Bread Faces

1 slice of bread

peanut butter or cheese spread

assortment of:



  grape tomatoes

  banana slices

  carrot sticks and/or slices

  celery sticks


Spread peanut butter/cheese spread on bread. Allow child to decorate using assortment as eyes, nose, mouth and hair.  Top

More Fun w/ Snacks

Serve the snack in a six-place muffin tin, placing various different finger foods and/or dips/cheese spreads in each of the six muffin holes.  This works for a lunch idea, too.

Use various shape cake tins for snacks (or lunches), too. 

Serve snacks inside plastic eggs (wash them first!). Encourage the child to guess what the snack is before opening the egg.  Top




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