Painting doesn't just have to be with traditional paint on traditional paper. Click on some of the links below to see some of our ideas, and get your creative juices flowing.

bingo markers pudding/cool-whip
golf ball patterns

spray bottles (winter)


tempera shakers

old markers water (summer)
painted bread

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Kool-Aid Painting: Tape a sheet of paper to a baking sheet/tray/table/counter. Sprinkle a small amount of unsweetened powdered Kool-aid on paper. Give the child a q-tip and a small container of water. Show the child how to dip the q-tip into the water and "paint" it on the sprinkled powder. This idea is completely safe for those children who like to taste their art. Warning: this art project does stain fingers and clothing.

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Pudding/Cool-Whip Painting: Add food coloring to vanilla pudding or cool-whip. Allow child to paint on a sheet of paper. Warning: this art project does stain fingers and clothing.

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Bingo Markers: Bingo markers make a great painting tool. They do stain, but a careful child can easily paint without getting too messy. This project is also quickly set-up and easily cleaned afterward.

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Old Markers: Dip old markers that don't write any more in water. Use them to "paint" on paper. It makes a very nice water color effect.

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Golf Ball Patterns: Tape a sheet of paper in the bottom of a large shoebox or other shallow box. Place a small amount of paint on the paper. Add a golf ball and let the child start rolling the ball around. Watch the neat patterns form.  Try white paint on black paper for a fun spider web effect.

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Tempera Shakers: Fill salt shakers with powdered tempera paint.  Dilute glue with water.  Provide brushes and paper and allow child to paint with glue, then shake powdered paint on the still-wet glue. 

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Water: Fill a bucket with water, grab a big old paint brush (of the size you'd use to paint your house) or buy a disposable one at the home improvement store and paint on the concrete/asphalt with water.  Watch your masterpieces change as they evaporate.

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Sprayer: For winter-time painting, fill spray bottles with water and color with a few drops of food coloring. Take outside and spray on snow or ice. Warning: this does stain clothing.

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Painted Bread (makes 1 serving)

1 slice of bread

food coloring



Place small amount (< 1/4 cup) of milk in two to three small bowls. Add a few drops of different colors of food coloring to each small bowl and mix well. Allow child to "paint" colors on the slice of bread. Toast lightly in oven (toaster oven works best) and watch colors come alive.

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