Miscellaneous Ideas

Make a Book Paper Plate Mask
Make a Rainbow

Make a Rainbow.  Put dry paper towel on cookie sheet. Dribble drops of red, blue and yellow food coloring on the paper towel -- about 5 drops of each color.  Give child 1/4 cup of water to pour on the towel and watch the colors mix.  Tip cookie sheet from side to side to mix colors further.  Drain water into sink from corner of cookie sheet.  Allow towel to dry; it makes a very pretty display. Return to Top of Page.

Make a Book. This involves quite a bit of preparation for the adult and adult involvement, but my boys absolutely love making books. They were so proud when their dad got home and they could show him their book. We re-read them as bedtime stories often. 

    3-4 sheets of construction paper cut in half (I fold, crease several times & tear)

    pictures cut from magazines, usually with a theme: letter of the alphabet, food, animals, etc.

    glue pen or stick

    2 - 3" (7.5cm) pieces of yarn

    sharpie or other marker

    three-hole punch

Punch holes in long side of construction paper with three-hole punch.  I position the paper on the top two holes as if it were a full-sized piece of paper, so the finished book fits nicely into a three-ring binder. Assist child in gluing pictures to pieces of construction paper.  Write single word description (or story) under pictures with the sharpie. Save one half-sheet for the book cover and write title on it; be sure to include "by child's-name" on the bottom.  Have child help guide yarn through holes to connect the pages of the book.  Tie in a firm knot. Return to Top of Page.

Paper Plate Mask. 

    collage supplies: markers, crayons, glitter glue, etc.



    hole punch

Provide child with markers, crayons, glitter glue or other collage supplies. Have them decorate the bottom side of the paper plate. After they're finished, cut two holes for the eyes, punch two holes on either side. Tie yarn between two punched holes to hold on mask. Play. Return to Top of Page.


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