Why, yes, that IS a Gatling Gun. A favorite of both The Ambassador and The Secretary since watching Rooster Cogburn. A rare, quiet moment of exploration for The Secretary. The seasoned diplomats are masters of the effective barb, but this room has them beat. Several times over. Seriously.


World Exploration is made more, uh, prickly by the existence of so much barbed wire. Who knew there were so many types of barbed wire?


The Ambassador knows that sometimes unusual situations require viewing from a unique perspective. What true patriot could EVER turn down an opportunity to pose with The Gipper? Oh, for the good 'ole days of President Reagan....
"Dominating the area on ranching heritage is a 900 square foot engraved granite map depicting the major cattle trails and legendary ranches of the western states." (From National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum website) Taking World Exploration to the next level, The Secretary puts all of himself into the task. The Ambassador contemplates a brand new idea.


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